Mantlo Benefit Project Yields > $2K
(or 2112 no longer just a  terrific Rush album...)

Thanks to the generous support of Bill Mantlo's fans, a check
in the amount of $2,112 has been sent to Bill's brother and
caregiver Mike Mantlo from Sleeping Giant Comics. Mike has
also received additional donations of $320, for a grand total
of $2,432 in donations to be allocated toward improving Bill's
quality of life.

On August 4, 2007, Mike Mantlo issued the following
statement to Sleeping Giant Comics:

"It's nice to know that comics fans worldwide remember my
brother, Bill Mantlo, and hold him in as high regard as they
do. I always felt Bill was an amazing talent, and judging from
the hundreds of fans who have contributed to this project, or
have written to relate how Bill touched their lives in some
magical way, I can only say
thank you from the bottom of my
 It's difficult to accept the fact that Bill may never be able
to create again, but I am thrilled that
Mantlo:  A Life in Comics
will enable his legacy to survive, and carry on for future
generations of comics fans. David Yurkovich has done a
wonderful thing for Bill, and the support we've gotten from
of you
just proves that comic readers are the greatest
people in the world!
Thank you all!"

A new review of Mantlo: A Life in Comics was posted July 31,
2007, on Comic Book Resources, describing the project as
"an astonishing and stirring tribute to the endlessly
imaginative Bill Mantlo." Click
HERE to read the entire review.

On behalf of Bill's fans across the globe, thank you one and
all for making this project a success.

David Yurkovich, Publisher
Sleeping Giant Comics
For Immediate Release