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MANTLO: A LIFE IN COMICS (aka, The Bill Mantlo Project) was conceived in May 2006 by writer/illustrator David
Yurkovich as a tribute to American comic book writer Bill Mantlo.

A life-long fan of Mantlo's work, Yurkovich had felt compelled for many years to write and produce the project.
Finally, this compulsion reached a critical mass, and he felt he could no longer delay the project's commencement.
David enlisted the help of many of Bill's colleagues including Tony Isabella, George Pérez, Marv Wolfman, Al Milgrom,
Ed Hannigan, Herb Trimpe, and Jackson Guice. Bill's brother Michael has also been an active participant in the
project, providing valuable insight as well as family photos. In addition, Bill's daughter Corinna (also a writer) has
offered personal reflections from her childhood.

Mantlo was a prolific author who wrote almost exclusively for Marvel throughout the 1970s and into the late 1980s.
During this time he scripted nearly every major Marvel character including Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the Hulk. He
developed Mego's Micronauts toy line into an award-winning series that ran for nearly five years. MICRONAUTS
was also among the first mainstream titles to be sold exclusively in comic book shops in the 1980s. Bill also authored
a second toy-based comic, ROM: SPACEKNIGHT, and wrote every issue of the series (75 issues and 4 giant-sized
annuals). Bill also created Cloak and Dagger, a crime-fighting duo that became two of Marvel's most popular
characters in the '80s.

Mantlo (along with Guice) co-created SWORDS OF THE SWASHBUCKLERS for Marvel's Epic Comics imprint. Having
conquered comics, Bill turned his attention to a law career. He became a successful public defender and worked in
New York for several years. In the early 1990s, Mantlo was struck by a hit-and-run driver while rollerblading. The
accident caused severe head trauma from which Bill is not expected to ever fully recover. But his vast contributions
to the comics industry live on.

In writing MANTLO: A LIFE IN COMICS, Yurkovich spent dozens of hours sorting through archival interviews with
Mantlo to provide a tribute book about Bill that features Bill's story in his own words.

As an added bonus, the project features previously unpublished fiction by Mantlo, including the short story
AFTERMATH (which Yurkovich has adapted into sequential format). While Bill's work continues to appear in
reprinted form, AFTERMATH represents the first new graphic story of Bill's in nearly two decades. The project will
also feature a variety of previously unpublished cartoons both written and drawn by Bill.

MANTLO: A LIFE IN COMICS was produced as a non-profit venture and quickly sold out. A revised and updated
edition was completed in 2014 and is available now for purchase (see link on the right to order).
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